Winding down my Debian involvement by @zekjur:

This is a really detailed, excellent post on a lot of the technical challenges faces today. I'd like to be optimistic on our ability to solve them, and am sad to see you go!

@ehashman This is a really thoughtful blog post.

I always wanted to contribute to Debian, but it always seemed like I didn't have enough time to just learn all the tools, this post explains why this is the case.

I hope in the future debian maintainers would be able to automate the most time-consuming part of the release process.

@avolkov for what it's worth this is a very detailed take on a lot of large-scale problems most new maintainers wouldn't encounter, so I hope you don't find it too discouraging!

I've written on my blog about the build tools issue, and produced a lot of tutorial material on building new packages to try to address some of this..

@ehashman From that blog article, I've experienced using reportbug several times where I had to set up mail system on my computer for that. 😅

I've read parts of Debian Maintainer manual, and I'll check out your articles, but I find I learn best from social events, and I really want to go to a BSP. I missed one in Motreal in January, but I'm on a lookout for the next one.

@avolkov I am a DD and I literally have to look up how I use report bug EVERY SINGLE TIME I use it. It is a mess!! 😂

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