"Why are you in ops? You're a really good software dev"

Because I get a way bigger dopamine hit from seeing stuff work in prod than playing around locally. And because ignoring the complexity of the real world is _so boring_

@ehashman TBH, I feel that's what separates developpers from software engineers?
(And let's not even get into “engineer is a title for people with an engineering degree”)

One writes things to a spec (hopefully); the other makes sure it actually works, is production-ready, and will be maintianable.

So, yeah, you can write software and do all that, though it helps to know how ops work.

We don't know the details of that assertion, but we've been in ops for about a year, and been traumatised by the sleeplessness and stress-vomiting (and worse) of the profession. It's likely that the environment we were in was especially broken and dysfunctional, but we yearn for the calm of not being frontline for putting out all the fires.

@decis oh, that is definitely a challenge I struggle with in ops as well. But when things get too boring, politics take over and I'm not good at that

@ehashman I came to development from personal projects and the line-of-business to fill needs for the family business. Working with people who have never done that was a bit of a shock.

@ehashman Learning by doing “all the things” from the ground up is something I encourage everyone to do at least once, but I also acknowledge that it is a bit of a privilege to have the time to do.

It doesn’t feel like a privilege when you’re trying to build an application and need to figure out why your database queries are taking 60 seconds, though. 😄

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