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We want more than just queer bars or queer bookstores.

We want queer community spaces where there isn't an expectation of making a profit or purchase.

We understand they can't exist in our current society where profit is needed for survival but we can still wish for them and a society that would allow them.

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struggling to remember what JPEG stands for 

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Capitalism is a scourge.

That's all I got for tonight.

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I'm not saying that cats are metaphysical beings which flicker in and out of existence in localized, sustained bursts of cuteness


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microtransactions? what is this, commerce for ants

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OH: "did you know that if you rearrange the letters of 'Ansible' it spells 'lesbian'?"

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Trans women are brilliant. Remember this every time you look at your phone. It's thanks to a trans woman that we have the low-power ARM processors in our phones. Without them, our phones would require batteries the size of the ones used in laptops.

Whenever someone compliments you on your phone, proudly say "A trans woman made it." Then point to theirs and say "A trans woman made that one too."

And as a trans woman, I say "You're welcome, cis. Now stop firing, evicting, & murdering us for it."

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is it just this instance or is this a mastadon feature

cause uh


come on

you're lagging behind

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being trans in a cis world is like being slowly but relentlessly gaslit by the universe

robin stern wrote the book on gaslighting (it's good)

if people start making you doubt your own perceptions and memories, she says you should at least find reference points in other people that you can actually trust. she calls them flight attendants and there's some metaphor to explain that but it doesn't really matter; "find your flight attendants" is good advice

and for trans people that usually means other trans people

the cis, by and large, don't know shit. you can't blame them for that. fish don't know water is wet. but that's why community matters.

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"it's linux fortnite battle royale" -@lp0@catgirl.science on her linux tablet adventures

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when i am hanging out :cat_4:

when i am hanging out but with a cowboy hat :catslinger:

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