And with their newest 4+ set, teaches preschoolers the valuable lesson that not everyone grows up to be an astronaut 😂

I went to check on our cat, Noodles, but found this bunny instead 😮

As part of the cat-feeding routine, I’ve taken to delivering ringside announcements as Noodles enters the kitchen to sniff at the air while I prepare his dish:

In this corner
Weighing four or five pounds
Hailing from the mean streets of New Jersey
The master of mischief, the mangler of moths
Nugget thief extraordinaire
It’s the meower of the hour
Noodles “The Cat” Schneider!!!

As Noodles awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic loaf.

Noodles is regarding our claim that the 15-year-old’s at school right now with a level of dubiousness usually reserved for “people food isn’t for ” 🧐

Beaker looks none too thrilled that the triceratops incubator was successful

"information wants to be free!" no man, oppressed people want to be free. get a grip.

Today I learned about this ! Gustav is the German analogue to Slimey on Sesame Street 🤯​

The choice is obvious, LA.

Final Fight mayor Mike Haggar is expert at both the BACK DROP and the PILE DRIVER, and he'll suplex that bloated cop budget

It’s a common misconception that you have to be awake to go for a walk, as Mia here proves 🐶

Sometimes a afternoon nap can be just as enjoyable when you’re sunbeam-adjacent as it is when you’re in the sunbeam 😴

No, human! It's five o'clock! Time to stop working and to pet Mia instead!

@scalzi It’s not a cult if it’s the One True Way, right? 😉​

. @_astronoMay Noodles is an excellent Croc hunter; here he is posing with his quarry:

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