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you know, i was planning to kill off something else from my server tomorrow, so i could just do it today and replace it with gts, why not

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every day for the last week or so i've been opening up gotosocial's github saying "this time i'll get it working" but then i don't even ssh in to my server to try it out and i really should at some point

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i have an idea or two for some dumb bots but i haven't bothered with making them yet even if they're really really really easy

could probably be done with cron and a bash script but whatever

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i should host an activitypub server again if not for the fact that i can finally mess around with some bots and whatnot without feeling guilty that i'm using someone else's resources even for instances like where it is explicitly designed for this purpose

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Instead of boycotting, piracy is the best way forward. Pirate everything. You get the content you want and not have to worry about feeding Disney or Netflix.

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Look, say what you want about Elon Musk, but he is a genius inventor. He has invented… Wait, let me a second.

*typing noises*

Hu… A website to let people buy things online in the early 2000’s. See? If that’s not the mark of a one-of-a-kind genius, I don’t know what is.

the number after the different "web"s don't refer to a version, they refer to how wasteful it is to run said "web"s

web1 was the baseline
web2 came with javascript making clients do work and "big data" making more datacenters required
web3 apparently is all about cryptocurrencies and all the waste they generate in general

i'm scared of what web4 will be

also apparently "streamer does low effort entertainment by watching other people's work that has actual effort poured into it" also exists with "local" streamers too

they are "cringier" than english streamers for me, and i can't really understand why

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it's basically music (bonus unofficial lofi "radio" crap), sports and clickbait mostly ALL-CAPS titles

also animals because apparently people still think "wholesome" and "cute" stuff actually serves a purpose and is not simply how click/like/share bait works now

also saw my first 5 minute crafts video in a long time! maybe i should re-start my watch history with some how to cook that videos

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reminder to myself: deleting your youtube watch history is never going to get better

the home page you browse when you "run out of internet" will _still_ fill with clickbait "popular" videos in your country you do not care about

oh no the sony vegas keygen chiptune was apparently refererenced in deltarune so when i now listen to it i will feel like i'm just following the trend

let's hope the portal 2 language switcher chiptune didn't make it out of piracy yet

actually, hold on, can't you have a different "display domain" vs the domain you host your ap server on?

i could set it up so my accounts end in and keep the server on some other domain

which will work around this problem until i decide to stop hosting ap myself and later decide i am going to do it again, for the Nth time

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i wonder what would happen if i used the domain i previously used for mastodon but put gotosocial instead?

some instances are still pinging it every now and then, even after i returned 410 Gone for months in some previous server configuration

i hate it when i search a file or text hash and ddg turns up blockchain wallet addresses i can't believe cryptobros managed to ruin even this

"having a free and unrestricted api to play with" and "restricting abuse of public data" are both great things that seem to "cancel out" each other, and that sucks

i guess designing the code architecture in a way that makes hacking new stuff in would also be a consideration too, to make sure you don't need to edit 10 different files to add a new profile field or something

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i know this is very hard and i don't expect anyone to actually do this,

but i wish there was an activitypub server that was both fast and not compiled, so you could just dive into the live code and hack some dumb features and all you need to apply them would be a quick restart

mastodon is ruby but it's both slow and the js parts also need some sort of pre-processing (compilation feels like too strong of a word) that will destroy your server resources

pleroma is also compiled (or at least, the version i tried back in the day was)

gts also seems to be compiled, unless go has an interpreter/jit of some sort that i don't know about

there are probably others, but i haven't checked anything else out yet

i know with some work with scripts, recompiling if needed on each restart could be possible, but i feel like even that would slow things down, unless compilation is _really_ fast even on lower-end machines

i asked to get myself kicked, a bad workaround, but a workaround nonetheless

let's just hope bifrost actually respects kicks and doesn't log me back in again

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how do you leave MUCs on ?

i tried swiping them away, i tried removing them from bookmarks, i tried "three dot > close conversation", but whatever i do some MUCs just keep popping back up

is this something to do with 's bifrost bridge? the only common thing between the MUCs is that i'm accessing them through bifrost

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