and, lastly, here is the "EA pile"

i have no idea why we had so many ea games

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"pretty good solitaire", for when windows doesn't include it for some reason

"3d traceroute" and "netstat live", for when windows doesn't include them too

"flash decompiler", for when you want to make a 3rd party transformice server, if that old thing works with it

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scratch the last post, my internet page will not be ultra if i don't make it in dreamweaver ultra

also, is "bbmpeg" related to "ffmpeg" at all?

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gonna make my own internet page showing all my cool photoshop cs edits and flash mx animations in dreamweaver mx and upload it using two different ftp clients

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got my cd copy of "GTK +2" and "Warez P2P", alongside my 700 flash games and some other stuff, all in a cd that claims to be a troubleshooting thing

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more games!

sorry if the image is a bit harder to read than usual, i have no idea how to deal with this being overly reflective

while i'm not sure why "quake 3" is under "cinema" (and not sure if the thing underneath is a typo or not), there are some interesting things in this one, such as "half-life uplink" and "rollercoaster tycoon", along other names better people than me will probably recognize

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this shareware disc is EXTRA

"AI" picture explorer
Opera 4!

BeOS stuff‽ Civilization for BeOS?

Counter-Strike 6.6!
Unreal Tournament SWAT‽
Half-Life 1.101
Opposing Force 1.1 (or is opposing forces with a "s" a different thing?)

(i'm not sure if these were even shareware the disc says it's a gift from a magazine)

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look at all that shareware!

icq 2000a!
mirc 5.7
winamp 2.64!

webmaster resources! animated gifs! js examples!

a demo of deus ex!

discography of shakira‽

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(some images in this thread will be without alt text, as i think the toot text will be enough description)

three unofficial office 2000 disks (one has a key written on it),

+ bonus: tutorial disk

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i had a bad idea, and did that bad idea

introducing: sanandreaswave

i clicked "join room", i opened obs, recorded the "joining room" loading thing for a few seconds, cropped it to only show the loading thing and nothing else on kdenlive, which i never really used as much before, rendered, and it's still loading

either dendrite's "beta" label is a lie and it's basically unusable, or the matrix protocol sucks and is inefficient, or i set up something wrong (but if that's the case why didn't their federation tester report anything wrong?)

at least it's barely using any resources when it's freaking out, so still better than synapse!

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