thinkin of hosting a matrix server for the lulz (because i really have no need for it)


i clicked "join room", i opened obs, recorded the "joining room" loading thing for a few seconds, cropped it to only show the loading thing and nothing else on kdenlive, which i never really used as much before, rendered, and it's still loading

either dendrite's "beta" label is a lie and it's basically unusable, or the matrix protocol sucks and is inefficient, or i set up something wrong (but if that's the case why didn't their federation tester report anything wrong?)

at least it's barely using any resources when it's freaking out, so still better than synapse!

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gonna do a livestream and put the console window with dendrite logs scrolling on it, add some background lo-fi, and call it an art project on "how all software sucks"

the ONLY issue I had with xmpp federation was when i forgot to install ssl certificate authorities

this really isn't a good look

trying conduit

because i switched server software i needed to re-generate keys for my server, which means i have to wait some time before my old keys time out and i can start using matrix

let's hope it isn't as broken as dendrite

alright, NOW i feel dumb

i waited like a week for it to do keys or whatever

apparently i misconfigured my .well-known

fixed that, and everything started rolling in

in my defense, dendrite managed it's own well-known file before i migrated away, so i guess i expected that to just work?

three federated rooms, one being somewhat active, conduit's cpu usage is 0% (or low enough to not register on ctop), and ram usage is lower than my nodejs TiddlyWiki server

it's still 3x the ram usage of prosody (which is at the moment has no activity), but this is impressive compared to my previous experiences with matrix (specifically, synapse)

who dares me to join the matrix hq room with this

i'd say i don't want my server to cry, but idk this impressed me before

i wonder how long it would take just to join the hq room

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