The only downside of a fully static site as a blog is not being able to make it a first-class citizen on fedi.

I kinda feel there has to be a way, without running a full-blown fedi instance just for that though. But I don't have the time to see if I can figure out how to abuse ActivityPub this way. 🤔



use reverse proxy magic to serve static files on everywhere except /.well-known/webfinger and some /ap endpoint, and redirect both to a stripped-down activitypub server, something like gotosocial but even less

on the client side you either use JS to pull in the replies or use a proxy (maybe a lua-enabled version of nginx) to rewrite content on the way

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the mastodon blog had something about activitypub with static files but your thing would effectively be read only if you did that (as far as i know, anyway)

@ecmel I don't even want to show content from fedi on my blog, but if I wanted to, there are ways to do this with static sites.

I would just love an AP site with *no* back-end running. It sounds like it should *just barely* be possible.

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