reminder to myself: deleting your youtube watch history is never going to get better

the home page you browse when you "run out of internet" will _still_ fill with clickbait "popular" videos in your country you do not care about

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it's basically music (bonus unofficial lofi "radio" crap), sports and clickbait mostly ALL-CAPS titles

also animals because apparently people still think "wholesome" and "cute" stuff actually serves a purpose and is not simply how click/like/share bait works now

also saw my first 5 minute crafts video in a long time! maybe i should re-start my watch history with some how to cook that videos

also apparently "streamer does low effort entertainment by watching other people's work that has actual effort poured into it" also exists with "local" streamers too

they are "cringier" than english streamers for me, and i can't really understand why

YouTube, racism, Swedish politics 

@ecmel A lot of racist stuff here in Sweden too.
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