i know this is very hard and i don't expect anyone to actually do this,

but i wish there was an activitypub server that was both fast and not compiled, so you could just dive into the live code and hack some dumb features and all you need to apply them would be a quick restart

mastodon is ruby but it's both slow and the js parts also need some sort of pre-processing (compilation feels like too strong of a word) that will destroy your server resources

pleroma is also compiled (or at least, the version i tried back in the day was)

gts also seems to be compiled, unless go has an interpreter/jit of some sort that i don't know about

there are probably others, but i haven't checked anything else out yet

i know with some work with scripts, recompiling if needed on each restart could be possible, but i feel like even that would slow things down, unless compilation is _really_ fast even on lower-end machines

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i guess designing the code architecture in a way that makes hacking new stuff in would also be a consideration too, to make sure you don't need to edit 10 different files to add a new profile field or something

@ecmel As long as you're gonna need a restart, compiled vs interpreted is pretty moot. If you are serving from a REPL it might work.


yeah, fair enough

though i'd imagine an interpreted or otherwise not pre-compiled tool could make the restarting process faster, which would both minimize downtime and let the programmer test faster

(though if a live repl that could directly save into the original source code existed and was good to use, that would be even better)

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