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Cartoon instruction page for a fridge. It explains that it's OK if the refrigerator makes certain noises, but the noises are described by analogies with other objects. The objects and the fridge appear to be speaking to each other using speech bubbles

Fridge fan: SSSRRR!

Light switch: CLICK!
Fridge thermostat: CLICK!

Steam iron: HISSS!
Fridge coils: HISSS!

Cat: BRRR!
Compressor: BRRR!

Pouring wine: BLUBB!
Coils: BLUBB!

Crispbread: CRACK!
Fridge: CRACK!

If you are thinking of self-hosting #Gitlab you may find this interesting.

Things can be kinda.. heavyweight. Or as one comment puts it, and generalizing to #OpenCore projects in general:

"This is something I've noticed a lot of open core projects suffer from. They make architecture decisions that make sense for their huge, multi-tenant production system but correspondingly make self-hosting on a single node feel like administering a rube goldberg machine."

i don't actually know if this does what i say it does, i don't know wayland internals and stole this off birdsite:

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cursed wayland:

(i believe this gives xwayland functionality to run whole desktop environments, like xfce)

green on those bluish darks all dark mode "modern" designs use is certainly an aesthetic

for the love of shit stop telling people to use brave browser

the two genders of microsoft support forum answers:

"reset your computer" and "no youre wrong for wanting to do [basic thing]"

SCAM: Lightmoon IS NOT Kdenlive. Lightmoon is MALWARE.

We have been notified of a site that is using Kdenlive's name and likeness to distribute malware to users. We will not be linking to the site to avoid accidental downloads, but if a search lands you on a site offering "lightmoon", "a free video editor" that looks in the screenshots identical to Kdenlive, this is malware.

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does anyone know good web development tools that:

* doesn't hoard server resources (so, not Rails)
* doesn't need too much boilerplate code (so, not Rust, unfortunately)
* doesn't need client JS for everything
* is reasonably standard and not a few people's hobby project (unless it's really good)
* has reasonable documentation (more than examples and API docs)
* has reasonable tooling (linters, autocomplete, formatters, etc)

there's probably a few more requirements i'm forgetting, but if you share something that manages to pass most of these i'll definitely check it out

roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

programming is a lie invented in the 20th century by big computer to prevent me a decade later from making cool stuff and you can't tell me otherwise

probably not screen reader friendly, firefox tech thing pro tip thingy 

how to recover (some) configuration/data from (some) extensions if you have a backup of the profile folder

git clone
cd moz-idb-edit
$yourpackagemanager install python3-jmespath python3-snappy
python3 moz-idb-edit --profile /home/you/.mozilla/firefox/ --extension > ubo.json

change as appropriate. see extensions.json on your profile folder on what extension maps to what ID (sometimes UUID-like, sometimes email like, both should work)

sourcemaps: the thinking man's version control

(just recovered a file i haven't committed yet through the generated sourcemap)

if only rust wasn't as verbose and had a gc option (so i could just ignore the borrow checker's complexities)

even php feels "more fun" than rust. PHP!

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good not-verbose actually fun to code in "web languages" that are not php, js or python


it was apparently on nightly about a month ago, and now it seems to have dropped to beta/deved in the last few updates

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since WHEN did firefox's video popup get support for subtitles? (at least on youtube)

that's neat

Remember, folks, if your DNS-based adblocking mechanism returns or, attackers can use that to their advantage.

Either return NXDOMAIN or NOERROR (aka, no results) instead.


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