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roses are red
violets are blue
in surveillance capitalism
poem reads you

and shows you ads
for flower shops
and tracks your clicks
and never stops

it cares not about
if privacy's harmed
the money is green
when people are farmed

twitter is cyan
facebook is blue
your friends are the product
and so are you

programming is a lie invented in the 20th century by big computer to prevent me a decade later from making cool stuff and you can't tell me otherwise

probably not screen reader friendly, firefox tech thing pro tip thingy 

how to recover (some) configuration/data from (some) extensions if you have a backup of the profile folder

git clone
cd moz-idb-edit
$yourpackagemanager install python3-jmespath python3-snappy
python3 moz-idb-edit --profile /home/you/.mozilla/firefox/ --extension > ubo.json

change as appropriate. see extensions.json on your profile folder on what extension maps to what ID (sometimes UUID-like, sometimes email like, both should work)

sourcemaps: the thinking man's version control

(just recovered a file i haven't committed yet through the generated sourcemap)

if only rust wasn't as verbose and had a gc option (so i could just ignore the borrow checker's complexities)

even php feels "more fun" than rust. PHP!

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good not-verbose actually fun to code in "web languages" that are not php, js or python


it was apparently on nightly about a month ago, and now it seems to have dropped to beta/deved in the last few updates

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since WHEN did firefox's video popup get support for subtitles? (at least on youtube)

that's neat

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Remember, folks, if your DNS-based adblocking mechanism returns or, attackers can use that to their advantage.

Either return NXDOMAIN or NOERROR (aka, no results) instead.


re-generated initramfs, seems to boot up just fine. crisis averted

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uh oh

either i messed something up, or trying to update alpine broke my server's initramfs

i don't think any file corruption is happening, so if that's the case the worst case scenario would be to wipe and re-install stuff, which shouldn't be that hard. hopefully

i wish there was something like autohotkey for linux

not "stuff that can do things autohotkey does", there are a lot of those. (also despite the name, it can do more than "hotkeys")

what i'm missing is the "integration" between those tools.

i'm missing the consistent interface between all of them so i don't have to think "did this one use double dashes or a single dash or nothing to add a flag??"

despine what i wrote all the way back in april, this can be done with "the shell" (but a better scripting syntax might be nice), it just hasn't happened

bonus points for wayland support

we need a new tutorial type:

X tutorial for people who sorta know X

intended for people who tried following a tutorial and got bored (or another reason why not finished)

it skips all the "boring" parts like "drag the mouse to move around", and just gets on the good stuff

android is like the only ecosystem where completely ignoring the "best practices" seems to actually make sense

nothing is stopping me from NOT doing reactive livedata flow bullishit, right?

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jetpack compose led me to believe android development FINALLY got it's shit together and made sense

and trying to make a database work just ruined that illusion

room livedata flow viewmodel vievmodelfactory repository aaaaAAAAAAA

when did youtube search get so... useless?

just now, i searched "devs react speedrun ign" because i wanted to watch IGN's "developers react to speedruns" videos.

all I got was some GDQ, Unraveled, and some other very much unrelated videos when i started scrolling.

i tried on another browser and that seemed to work fine, so i guess youtube is a/b testing how to make itself worse?

or maybe it's something weird on my end? not sure

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hey Go?

quick question:

why is GOPATH... like that?

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