i dont know what you'd do with this but it looks cool i think

it's python bytecode

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I got bored and had no internet so i made this silly tui

I just went through over 1800 unread emails that I only ever glanced at and went "nah idc". it took me 5 hours
this is the worst chore yet the most rewarding I think

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The ninth annual international Gender Census 2022 is now open until 13th August 2022!


It's for anyone whose gender (or lack thereof) isn't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

@charlotte I'd probably just set --depth=128 or smth lol

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wait, the boost/favourite count for other users' posts only counts users on my own instance, has this always been so or am misremembering something?

my friend just finished her game demo! check it out! you play as a silly little cat in a surreal world


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piracy is now only illegal if you dont seed

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On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.