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spent about 40 minutes trying to optimize my spatial partitioning code again this morning. still a lot of mystery garbage collection caused by converting floats to ints even though the procedure that does so has been memoized. also hash table access may also be a problem? I can't really tell. maybe alists would perform better.

there are multiple protests happening around me tonight, but I've gotta watch the kiddo at home. :blobcatpats: to everyone out there tonight.

my first picture frame. need to work on cutting more accurate 45 degree angles but it came out okay. my stepdaughter will be making some art for it.

the plants I ordered from came in yesterday and I got them in the ground before work this morning. I love ordering from independent nurseries because they always throw in an extra plant or two. all the plants are new to me: fuki, turkish rocket, hyssop, welsh onion, bronze fennel, and hardy geranium.

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@dthompson @selfsame @cwebber in the noonday sun you run the risk of having hot kraft shingles in your area

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I think there's still another optimization pass or two needed after that because the GC is still running too often.

my train broke down this morning so I spent an extra hour poking at my spatial partitioning code that I've been struggling to optimize. I was able to make a small step forward. I rewrote the function that moves and re-categorizes the partitions an object is in and now it can handle ~1000 moving objects at 60fps when collision detection is disabled. the next, and more difficult, challenge will be to optimize the collision detection algorithm. as of now performance tanks with ~150 objects.

well tonight is not nearly as good as it should've been, but at least we got the house.

I don't understand why MA Democrats had such a bland candidate for Governor. we should have had a real progressive challenging Baker for his seat.

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I will be stressed out all day until the results are in. we all desperately need some good news. I don't know if we can afford anything else.

looking like I won't be able to avoid allocation in a particularly critical path and thus all my performance hopes are dashed. bummer.

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