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bleh someone is trying to convince me to deploy apps in production using jemalloc instead of glibc malloc. I really do not trust nonstandard malloc implementations.

does anyone have any experience with Cornell's habitat network project? it looks really interesting!

I need work to give me 4 monitors. 2 for work, 2 for birb streams

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on today's episode of "plants I thought were dead but are actually alive":

I bought a hibiscus last summer but hadn't seen any new growth this spring... until this morning!

I impulse bought a bare root clematis at the grocery store about a month ago. I planted it but the small vine died shortly thereafter. But this morning I discovered it had sent up new growth! Now to train it onto the railing I planted it next to!

I just love watching these birbs eat

so far I've seen all the same birds that come to my feeders. I wonder if anything rare comes by from time to time.

@craigmaloney @cwebber @dthompson @Gargron obligatory:

(my coworker jim designed that board and we did the kickstarter at sparkfun. it was all around a pretty unpleasant experience in the way that crowdfunding projects tend to be, but the board was kinda cool. anyway, digital bananas.)

my posting style:

1) daily posts about benign things, mostly about plants
2) flash flood of tech ranting
3) GOTO 1


good thing I didn't spell it right otherwise I would have run out of characters!

This new classic is making the rounds on HN again:

The article is centered around the observation that no one knows how to build Hadoop from source. One comment says that reproducible builds exist now and that Nix provides a reproducible Hadoop package.

There's a problem, however. Contrary to what many think, Nix isn't particular rigorous about build reproducibility. Their Hadoop package just patches pre-built binaries from the Apache project!

@technomancy @craigmaloney @starbreaker I was joking with Rust, and I think it's good that people are making a "Safer C-like world" with Rust.

My probably hypersnark there was being unimpressed with seeing blogposts where people say, "Wow, I spent five days being beat up by Rust's compiler... now I feel really accomplished!"

@craigmaloney @cwebber @starbreaker yeah in my experience "systems programming" is most often used to mean "I need to derive an unwarranted sense of superiority from the fact that the language I'm using is very tedious while lacking both expressivity and formal rigor"

Guix can now produce relocatable application bundles. Unlike snap, flatpak, etc. the resulting bundles can be bit-reproducible and the user needs no additional software to run them since every distro can extract a tarball.

I would like a federated garden journal application. I post pretty much everything I do in the garden on mastodon because it's fun, but since it's mixed with all the other garbage I post, it's not a great reference for looking back over the year and analyzing the events to learn from for the next year.

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