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this cheap Switch case makes it easy to play Ikaruga in vertical mode.

a quick hack before bed: a controller testing program for chickadee.

I watched my wife play the first half hour of Breath of the Wild and it is really cool so far. a lot of "what if I do this?" moments work out exactly like you'd hope them to, like throwing an apple on a fire to get a baked apple. also climbing a random tree to find eggs in a nest at the top was really neat.

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at work but I just want to play ikaruga but I know that I can only play that game for about an hour before it's punishing difficulty makes me take a break.

just like any band doing a bad eddie vedder impression is "butt rock" (see nickelback et. al)

I've decided that the djent metal subgenre is now called "butt metal"

the Switch arrived today. first thing I did was buy Ikaruga. one of my favorite games and hands down my favorite shmup, even though I've never been able to beat it without using continues. it's easy to play the game in vertical mode, as it was meant to be played, by just rotating the switch display and detaching the right joycon to use as the controller. serious play will require the "pro" controller, but this was a good enough way to try it quickly.

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oh boy, I found about a greenhouse not too far away in Connecticut that sells hardy banana and maypop! I will have to take a trip down sometime.

this may be a good time to reiterate that I basically don't have any clue what I'm doing when it comes to gardening. almost every plant I work with is brand new to me and I make all sorts of mistakes. my successes are because nature can be very forgiving.

I've mentioned this plant before, but haven't posted a picture. check out this hardy banana known as musa basjoo! it doesn't produce edible bananas, but it's giant and beautiful and can survive here in MA.

what really interests me is that they enjoy shade, unlike most fruit trees. I've been struggling to find useful plants to grow in front of my porch which faces north. I'm hoping that a pawpaw tree on either side of the steps will create a striking look.

so I bought a couple of pawpaws, a fruit tree native to the eastern US that I had no idea about until recently. they are one of those anachronistic plants that still exist despite losing their partners. they relied upon mastodons to spread their seed and attract carrion flies to pollinate their flowers. if/when my trees are old enough to produce fruit, I will need to hand-pollinate them, which will be interesting.

just look at these things! they look tropical! opened up spring plant orders today, so I decided to splurge and buy some stuff that was sold out back when I ordered in the fall. the big items are hazelnuts, pawpaws, and american persimmons.

problems: all of my good, sunny zone 1 space is on the west side of my house. I believe this sun exposure is a big contributor to how hot the house gets on summer afternoons. I need a way to shade the side of the house without shading out my wildflowers, herb spiral, and annual beds, but I'm not sure what to do!

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Just got in my donation to Conservancy. Our donation is much larger than usual in order to reflect the proportionally important role that I think Conservancy is taking in the software freedom space. I hope you might consider donating also!

once again wishing there were a free software phantasy star online-like game.

in retrospect I should have made a lower offer. it was immediately accepted. I have much to learn about the ebay.

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