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I thought that I had indentified the main issue which is that inexact->exact, a procedure I call a lot, allocates memory. however, when I replace that procedure with a memoized version it doesn't seem to reduce GC footprint at all.

I spent nearly my entire train ride to work profiling my spatial partitioning code and trying to optimize it so that it doesn't slow to a crawl with more than ~600 objects in it. unfortunately I didn't really get anywhere besides learning that the main issue is way too much GC. I don't know how I can possibly cut down on the amount of allocation.

I no longer wish to be associated with the GNU project. I still love Guix and Guile because good people are in charge of them, but the overarching GNU project is more concerned with defending bigotry than opposing it.

this part of my fence has been fallen over for nearly a year. finally fixed it with some help from my wife and neighbor! new cedar posts (that I had to drill myself), same old fence panels.

kinda feeling in the mood to hack on something game related but not exactly sure what to do. might try a silent stream on if I get an idea.

Clover in Kendall Square is playing nothing but Motley Crue right now and I am down with it.

like, it doesn't take *that* much infra to be able to host a stable stream. activitypub integration would allow that to scale.

I just found out that the lobby cat at my favorite hotel has retired to one of the hotel worker's homes. hanging out by the fireplace with her was one of my favorite parts of going there. enjoy retirement, Sabine!

white people love to put words on every decoration. not every thing has to say "blessed" or "love" or "family" on it!

really not looking forward to when daylight savings time ends. MA is so far east that its very dark by the time most of us get out of work.

boosting my wife's first toot. she's trying to start a creative twitch channel to share her abstract art.

Use paradigms that don't require Constant Flawless Vigilance

Confused deputy problems, such as the recent xorg being able to write over /etc/ files bug, dealing with CORS and XSS bugs, and so on are hard to keep on top of because the underlying paradigms require you to always be on guard. Even the best programmers will fuck up, so what hope is there for the rest of us?

Use safe paradigms, use object capabilities, design your systems so safe is the default.

I almost always get deliveries on time... except when I order bare root trees/shrubs that need to get into the ground ASAP. earlier this week I got a package that was 3 days late, and now I'm waiting for another that is also 3 days late so far.

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