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feeling gross. not sure what I have but I picked up something.

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Code of conducts are not new mechanisms, but codifications of policies, which is not a new practice either; online communities have always established rules and policies. The free software community more so than others even:

now this is some good new death metal, and also a Metal Gear reference: Outer Heaven

so much post-2000 metal suffers from being overproduced, but this sounds more like metal from the 90s and that is a very good thing.

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drilling my own damn fence posts because neither Lowes nor Home Depot had 5x5 square pre-drilled posts. a 2" drill press is not ideal and it takes forever to drill through 5" of wood with a forstner bit but it will get the job done... eventually. took over an hour to drill 3 holes in one post. I need to drill at least one more post to fix the most broken part of my fence before the ground freezes.

last minute halloween costume: barb from stranger things.

ah there's a leak in the ceiling of my stepdaughter's room again. good times.

planted those maximilian sunflowers in the hedgerow with some others. Andrea didn't know those other ones were there and mowed them awhile back, but they are still alive! hardy little things.

I also planted all of the bulbs I bought awhile ago, mostly around tree trunks to suppress weeds.

this is one of the few varieties of perennial sunflower. I've read that it needs very little attention, grows tall, and will grow even in poor soil. I've grown some of these from seeds but they are still quite small. these already started ones will help me build my privacy hedge faster.

a blue jay is fishing threw all the leaves and junk in my gutters and throwing lots of stuff onto the ground. free gutter cleaning!

planted my seed garlic. 1lb of chesnok red that I ordered, and maybe 1/2lb or so of Music from my harvest this year. I completely filled up the bed that I normally plant potatoes in as well and still had some leftovers, so I tucked cloves in between currants in another bed to serve as more of a polyculture.

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If you (like me) use a lot of graph paper, here is some LaTeX code with lots of different styles that you can customize. Fee free to fork and make improvements!

(And send me pics of your best graphs, plots, dungeons, wilderness maps, etc.)

spoke too soon about performance. added a quicksort to sort sprites by Y coordinate and performance absolutely tanked.

ah i love when cloudformation doesn't support all the settings for an aws resource and your templates cannot fully describe your infrastructure (i don't love it)

hmm I think I can use instancing to greatly speed up tiled map rendering, too. this will be fun.

I think it's safe to say that most of my performance woes with using Lisp for game dev are over. Using Guile 2.9.1 w/ JIT and OpenGL instanced rendering, I can render ~13000 moving sprites at 60fps on my old Thinkpad x220 with Intel integrated graphics. This is a ~3x improvement over using simple batched rendering. The sprites are not y-sorted and no collision tests are performed beyond checking if they left the screen, so in a real game the max throughput will be lower.

first fire of the season and it's on a full moon! time to make a burnt offering to the dark lord.

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