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@dthompson there's a pileup on the information superhighway, I recommend you take the information backroads or take this as an opportunity to go information backpacking instead

me: I'm progressive and I welcome change
*IHOP changes name to IHOB*

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I believe this is a swallowtail butterfly that has come to snack on some aster. Absolutely beautiful.

Come through the gate to the magical garden.

If you're too poor for A/C, here's what I did when I was also too poor for A/C. Copper tubing attached to fan with zip ties. Plastic tubing attached to fishtank pump, submerged in beer cooler full of ice water. Cold water runs through the pipes and makes 'em frostycold, fan blows frostycold at hot people. Works pretty well! Lots of guides online on how to make one. Put a towel on the floor in front of it, lots of condensation.

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week 2 of wearing contacts and one just fell out at work where I don't have backup glasses or contact lens solution. such a noob.

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