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The baby tomatoes got caught in a downpour and flopped over so now chopsticks are helping them stay upright.

looking at reel lawn mower reviews on youtube and there's always one asshole dude in the comments saying the uploader's lawn looks like shit and they should be using herbicide on it.

the wonderful bright side of this situation is that the solution is to *be lazier*! do you need a good reason to be lazy about pulling dandelions? well, their flowers are some of the first available for bees to pollinate, and bees need all the help we can give them.

US culture demands you pull all "weeds", coat your lawn in synthetic fertilizer, water it constantly in the summer, and mow it every week or else you are a lazy homeowner. fuck all of that! lawn maintenance is a significant contributor to pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and pollinator decline.

my lawn is full of dandelions, violets, and grape hyacinth right now and it is so much cooler than all the sterile, uniform green lawns in my neighborhood.

I frequently feel weird about being an anomalous millennial that owns a house.

when I'm at work: endless stream of things to do when I get home from work

when I get home from work: no idea what to do, walk around house aimlessly then go to bed

That said I still want a lisp machine where everything is the same language and there are no damn pipes and bash scripts.

It's a totally fair viewpoint given the status quo of brittle band-aid environments, but I think true interoperability demands that these components work across language boundaries, especially the package manager.

"The programming language, the build system, the package manager, and the version control system should all be the same piece of software"

I found the polar opposite of my entire software development methodology.

Quick and easy twine trellis for the peas bordering my stepdaughter's tiny garden.

got a few things done outside before it rained:

planted comfrey root fragments (you cannot read much about permaculture without being told the virtues of comfrey so I bought some)

transplanted 2 eastern redbuds and 1 white dogwood into the front yard (curb appeal, if they survive)

removed a strip of grass and planted maximilian sunflowers (forming a hedge hopefully).

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