feed me flies, feed me sweet little flies
(feed me flies, feed me feed me flies)

I am beyond shocked to say that I found a chandelier at Lowes that is actually good looking, as opposed to their usual selection of the most horrid light fixtures I've ever seen.

tired: keep portland weird
wired: keep mastodon gay

I think I am finally done with paint in the living room. I added one more coat of trim paint to areas that I poorly patched a couple weeks ago and touched up a few little problem spots. I also finished installing 8 new light switches. once I get the baseboard radiators put back together (the most frustrating thing ever) I can finally move furniture back and use the living room and dining room again.

the autumn lisp game jam starts on friday! the world needs more games made with lisp so join in if you are interested. itch.io/jam/autumn-lisp-game-j

my cats have been hunting a mouse all day. they've had it cornered in various places that they couldn't reach, including under a baseboard heater by my desk while I was trying to work. I tried to catch it and failed. eventually they were chasing it near the front door so I was able to scare the cats off and corral the mouse out the door. mission accomplished.

this episode of the Worcester Mag radio hour tackles Boston's condescending attitude toward Worcester by making fun of a poorly written article from WGBH titled "Worcester is hip? Really?"


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oh boy, my seed garlic is getting delivered today.

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Before the unicode tableflip version, I had made an ascii art table flip that was popular in some IRC channels. You can see it here: dustycloud.org/tmp/tableflip.t

and here are some variants, by friends: dustycloud.org/tmp/tableflip_f

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