wow this person beat MGS3 on the hardest difficulty in 1 hour 13 minutes.

really good talk about the "trusting trust" issue in compiler toolchains, with a nice mention of Guix and related projects.

very happy to have found out about this Korean restaurant close by.

my favorite type of triangles to solve in geometry class were Angle Side Side. love solving ASS problems.

@ted ha I was *just* wondering if someone made a lib with this name! thanks for sharing

@joeyh clever but not on the same tier of goodness, imo.

oh yeah my toot is riding the Eugen wave

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@emptyfortress oh yeah I forgot about libcaca! that's my #2 lib name for obvious reasons

apt install libass-dev

"I need the ass headers"

no C library will ever have a better name than libass.

today is rainy and I'm feeling sluggish, but yesterday I installed hardware cloth, insulation, and shiplap siding on 2 sides of the coop. on the home stretch!

dark dirty basement set went pretty well, I think! fucked up a few times, but mostly didn't fuck up.

this track titled "eastern arctic dubstep" on might be the best music ever posted on that site.

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our cats like to sit in the very center of this pouf and it makes them look royal or something.

I brought a tray of 6 very tall tomato plants on the train this morning and my wife thinks I'm nuts.

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