burners slowly failing on the old electric range that came with the house. I think it is time to upgrade to induction.

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I bring you an offering: a photo of a cozy cat. Toe beans! The white hairs in her ears! #cats

...I’m so out of the loop I don’t even remember all the cat hashtags!

2041: oof I was REALLY full of it back then huh *rides chrome hoverboard into the distance*

you see, the joke, if you will, is that I will always be embarrassed of my past self but, like, I'm still atheist.

2008: everyone who isn't an atheist is stupid
2019: I'm the only tolerable atheist in existence
2030: oof I was really full of it back then huh

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@cylb I get conflicting information everywhere, but I've been told that it will take a lot of effort to keep a standard size tree pruned to a manageable level. personally, I want to be able to prune and harvest the tree without needing a ladder.

@deltaidea thanks! we are going to make sure they have a nice place to live and I'll keep posting pictures of them as they get bigger.

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