today I spent way too many hours trying to dial in an accurate 45 degree angle for cutting picture frames. came close to giving up but I finally got it. picture frames seem so simple but there is very little room for error when it comes to the miter joints.

conway's game of eeeee, recorded by hacker news user Nadya

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@keverets I switched from vim back in 2012 and never looked back. I still don't know elisp that well, I haven't had to dive too deep to tweak things to my liking. and I don't think I could ever leave emacs for one reason alone: magit. it's the best damn dev tool I've ever used.

@keverets my experience has been that most of the time the defaults work well. my init.el file shrinks with each passing year.

how about one more video of particles? this is the output of the example program that I will be shipping in the next chickadee release.

(I really wish gnome's screen recorder let me record just a single window)

@chara it's quirky but practical if you use emacs a lot.

I mean, it's not hard conceptually to put a usable, batteries included interface in front of a generic, customizable one, but sometimes I fuck it up.

striking the right balance between usability for beginners and generic interfaces for advanced users is a challenge.

I will never be able to make the programs as short as love2d because it is an executable that does setup for you and chickadee is just a library, but I can get pretty close.

I've been really jealous of how short love2d's hello world program is so I'm making some changes to chickadee to reduce the size of simple examples. the upcoming release will include a default font so that rendering "hello world" to the screen doesn't require the user to deal with font loading at all.

haven't written any real emacs lisp in a very long time, but I just wrote a function to sort an org-mode buffer by todo status and priority since I couldn't find anything built-in to do it.

boost to respect Tama, the Honorary Eternal Stationmaster of the Kishi train station who increased ridership on the Kishigawa Line by almost 20% upon her appointment. RIP

this picture is potato quality but if you squint you can see a rat sleeping in a hammock and it is very cute I assure you.

when you don't use that cymbal stand anymore but need somewhere to put your coat.

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