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Right now, my home state of Kerala in southern India is a disaster zone: once-in-a-century rains have caused floods and mudslides everywhere; 13 out of 14 districts are in high alert. About a million people have been evacuated. About 350 people are estimated to be dead.

When this is all over, we will have a lot to rebuild. We have donated to Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund.


Please do what you can? Thank you!

still some organizational stuff to take care of like moving the default SDL + OpenGL backend into a separate module. and the manual needs a big update now...

finished decoupling Chickadee's game loop from any particular I/O backend. the new, abstract game loop is only about 20 lines of code.

tried out libfive (libfive.com/) today. it's a programmatic CAD tool with a Guile Scheme interface. I am not very good at using it yet, and I'm not sure it's the best tool for designing furniture projects, but it is *really cool*. shapes are basically just Scheme functions and you can compose/transform them in all sorts of ways.

vacations are hard for me because I always want to be making something. relaxing for days isn't really something I do.

you best believe I'm in Delaware.

my initial reaction to the announcement about the PawSox moving to Worcester was seeing the proposed stadium on a map and being mad that it was taking over the parking lot I use to go to my favorite stores and restaurants. damn you, baseball!

@arunisaac I haven't seen this. thanks for sharing it!

I feel bamboozled when I open one of those trick-or-treat size starbust packs that only have 2 starbust inside and they are both orange.

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I can gently rock her to sleep like this. she loves it.

@catonano yeah, I'm used to taking them, just fucked up this morning.

day 2 on train: not as good as day 1. train left as I was running to the platform. had to come back an hour and a half later for the next one.

if you can't handle me at my t2.micro then you don't deserve me at my c5.xlarge

@zane I definitely don't want to bother with 120V AC if I don't have to!

@zane I'm totally open to easier ways of implementing this. the requirements are:
- removable power cable, like you have with PC power supplies
- on/off switch, again like PC power supplies
- ultimately connects to a US 2-prong AC adapter that powers the 2 USB devices inside

@zane not sure I follow. the beaglebone's power capabilities may be different, but for the raspberry pi I needed to feed 5v power to both the pi and the hub, the pi couldn't power the hub on its own. the reason for the 120V wiring is that I wanted the unit to have a removable power cable and a switch but I can't find a product that will do all the conversions I need. I could avoid wiring by simply running a regular extension cable into the case, but then it's not modular.