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flock of birbs @dthompson@toot.cat

you best believe I'm in Delaware.

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I think about this blessed image often. Anime Boston 2016. Bernie Sanders walks into a fight between a furry (mid-hadouken) and Jack Skellington. it never ceases to amuse me.

successfully desoldered the dead key switch. two big easy solder points. still waiting for replacement to arrive in the mail.

it's been so rainy and gross out that I haven't been in the garden in about a week. lots of overripe cucumbers that just have to go to the compost but I still managed to get this nice basket full of goodies.

This is the coffee table that I finally finished building. Solid pine and birch plywood finished with danish oil.

Chickadee sleeps like this a lot. I like it.

Andrea took the cats to the vet. It is so sad to put them in the crates but she said they did a really good job.

I brought cucumbers to work and someone found a hitchhiker.

Andrea decided that she liked the color of cherry better than birch, so I think this board is going to become a pretty shelf for the kitchen.

Nancy does it again. brilliant.

Now things are getting really interesting. Removed a chunk of drywall, exposing more of the chimney. Whoever worked on this last left behind some empty Sam's Choice colas that expired in 1997.

fireplace dismantling progress.

I hate Apple but they have a green roof which is very cool.

rich folk homes and also MIT across the river.

current view here in Boston. never been up this high before.