how about one more video of particles? this is the output of the example program that I will be shipping in the next chickadee release.

(I really wish gnome's screen recorder let me record just a single window)

this picture is potato quality but if you squint you can see a rat sleeping in a hammock and it is very cute I assure you.

when you don't use that cymbal stand anymore but need somewhere to put your coat.

simple breakout clone, with a little bit of "juice".

can't deny how sorting by particle age gives a nice result

how about some explosions? I just added the ability for particles to be animated!

using the awesome pixel explosion animation by J-Robot (CC-BY 3.0):

particles! (this would look a lot cooler if I was able to record the animation)

okay good night fediverse

haven't posted a picture of my sweet girls in awhile. :blobcatmelt:

going to AWS re:invent is basically just torture for the programming language theory part of me.

I'm in las vegas and the moon hasn't gone to bed yet.

pretty pleased with this light fixture from IKEA. could have been easier to install, though.

I built a bookcase! I think this is going to live in my step daughter's room.

materials: birch plywood and solid pine. osmo poly-x hard wax oil finish.

Transatlantic sub-marine cables reaching land, by Taryn Simon.

mini relaxing vacation before Thanksgiving madness and 5 days in Las Vegas for work.

I can't draw but here's a quick sketch of what was in my head. it's not an original design by any means but it's modern and simple, the tapered legs being the most complicated cut required. a shelf instead of a drawer further simplifies the build. I think it would look sharp in black walnut.

my first picture frame. need to work on cutting more accurate 45 degree angles but it came out okay. my stepdaughter will be making some art for it.

this part of my fence has been fallen over for nearly a year. finally fixed it with some help from my wife and neighbor! new cedar posts (that I had to drill myself), same old fence panels.

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