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Starling won't leave Andrea alone while she is trying to art.

why yes I am going to sit on the couch and eat this entire frozen Charleston Chew big bar that I found at Ocean State Job Lot. thank you.

looking at how snow melts can be very informative. this is a view out of a north facing window at my house. the grasses on the west and north ends are visible indicating it's relatively warm compared to the southwest corner where there's still snow. also there seems to be a small channel to the left of center where runoff from the street goes. I plan to turn this entire space into a garden some day and this information helps me plan.

new cat door installed. not as cute as the old one, but this one has a flap that will help keep basement smells and dust from coming upstairs. these products ate built with modern doors in mind, so it took a bit of extra work to fit an older, thinner door.

now to answer the big question: will the cats accept it?

my mom makes an incredible chocolate eclair ring and recently she gave me the recipe. I don't think mine is quite as good as hers but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

got this in the mail yesterday (in a past life it was a library book in Portland, Oregon) and I've already finished reading it. it's a story about a garden, not a manual, but there is a lot to learn from it.

big ol' reasonably priced monsters at wegmans? hell yeah!

I just found this short story written by my stepdaughter and oh gosh, the feels.

got the Edible Forest Gardens set! these books are huge but I hope to slowly chip away at them throughout the rest of the winter.

this cheap Switch case makes it easy to play Ikaruga in vertical mode.

a quick hack before bed: a controller testing program for chickadee.

I've mentioned this plant before, but haven't posted a picture. check out this hardy banana known as musa basjoo! it doesn't produce edible bananas, but it's giant and beautiful and can survive here in MA.

so I bought a couple of pawpaws, a fruit tree native to the eastern US that I had no idea about until recently. they are one of those anachronistic plants that still exist despite losing their partners. they relied upon mastodons to spread their seed and attract carrion flies to pollinate their flowers. if/when my trees are old enough to produce fruit, I will need to hand-pollinate them, which will be interesting.

just look at these things! they look tropical!

made a miter sled so that it is easier to make picture frames.

for xmas he gave us all dolphin whistles (his product that he sells to gift shops) with our names scrimshawed into them. the vibe down here is just so different.

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