this is a dwarf peach. plenty big enough for a home garden!

it may not look like it from the wood siding, but this house is made from straw bales covered with cobb and lime plaster.

I sat down to run 'guix system reconfigure' and walk away for awhile but now I'm trapped.

moved about 20 strawberry plants that were invading a path into a circle around my new sweet cicely. free, edible ground cover!

the propagation station is operating at nearly full capacity these days. shishito peppers, heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, basil, and a few angel's trumpet.

baseball sucks (sorry Karen) but getting free snacks at work because of baseball is pretty cool.

I need a proper bass drum practice pad but a pedal case + a small amp to hold it in place works surprisingly well.

I need everyone to tell her that she is a good bird and a pretty bird.

built the floor of the chicken coop today. doesn't look like much but it took a lot of time and now I am exhausted.

made some seed starting pots out of newspaper with this handy tool. paper pots are cool because when it comes time to transplant you can just plant the entire pot in the ground. I sowed some milkweed seeds that have been stratifying in my fridge for over a month. I have no idea how viable the seeds are but I'd be happy with 50% germination. I am going to repeat this process with false indigo and maximilian sunflower seeds later.

transplanted nearly 1 pound of ramps on the shady side of the house, underneath a lilac. the others are for breakfast tomorrow.

first lounging in a lawn chair day of the year even though it is a bit chilly. feeling much better than yesterday. began cleaning up garden beds and sowed some carrots and greens. the soil in the sheet mulched beds is thawing and the soil looks incredible. sheet mulching with wood chips really works!

I managed to do another thing today. I setup my first cattle panel arbor for a concord grape to grow on.

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