this almost looks like a place. first coat of wall paint on.

just got these prickly bois in the mail. it's really cool how there is a cold hardy cactus native to the eastern US.

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found on ebay. this can't be a real plant. it is a literal dick and balls.

I have a cold but my best friend is helping me feel better.

in addition to spending many hours sanding walls and trim, I also removed studs and chipped away messy mortar blobs on the chimney. almost time to build the mantle and shelves.

installed the shelves in the office. a bit sparse right now but I'll fill them up eventually.

the current star of my garden is the new england aster. 11/10 would pollinate.

Here's the full extent of the chimney I will be exposing. Next I need to trim the drywall edges so they're clean, remove the studs, clean out the mouse nest I found, and chip off the messy mortar blobs.

The cubby formed by the chimney narrowing poses an interesting challenge. I didn't anticipate it when I started this project. I could cover it with wood, flush with the brick. Or I could use it for additional storage as a quirky feature. Not sure what I want to do yet.

I'm currently framing out a new facade for a decorative fireplace (chimney is no longer active). my new pocket hole jig is making the job a lot easier. I will be covering the frame with some type of hardwood and placing a mantle piece on top. haven't figured out exactly what type of wood and where to get it, though.

got 2 new games for my vita tv as a gift from 2 of my friends. I hadn't heard of Velocity but it looks cool!

this doesn't look like anything but I went through OpenGL hell to get here. this is a cube loaded from a glTF asset file!

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