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flock of birbs @dthompson@toot.cat

Another plant I thought was dead: Jack-in-the-pulpit. Was given some last summer and it promptly died after I planted it... Or so I thought! It's a lovely, native addition to my shade garden. toot.cat/media/20PvW8c9Pknyqqr

This is year 2 for the everbearing strawberries. There are dozens of flowers so I'm hoping for a good harvest in June if the slugs and birds don't eat everything. toot.cat/media/7gxXHIm8zUHlS1x

Left: the garden bed I made last year. Right: the bed I'm working on this year. toot.cat/media/N9S4U9OcjlDyPxo

I thought the Arbor Day Foundation had forgotten about me, but I came home to discover that my 3 hazelnut plugs have arrived! toot.cat/media/L1-QtOqJgfEcE2u

The baby tomatoes got caught in a downpour and flopped over so now chopsticks are helping them stay upright. toot.cat/media/BJSUiXH0sZwNk-b

when u eatin leftover pizza but try to pretend its healthy toot.cat/media/qtxwpCxt_2qj0z0

Quick and easy twine trellis for the peas bordering my stepdaughter's tiny garden. toot.cat/media/d5sKgse18Q96EAV

Ah yes, the bubble tea truck with the weird Linux penguin on it is back. toot.cat/media/wJ-uxvbnqnlan0T

New garden bed progress: Got a patio table and chairs. Built a rock garden. Moved grill. Discovered that the Concord grape (can't see it here but near the stump) is alive. Still need to finish mulching and add perennials. toot.cat/media/yXvisttA9CvIaGd

my local botanical garden wrote a cool blog post about their process for growing plants for their annual plant sale. I really want to steal their cold frame design where they dig it into the ground to keep the plants warmer at night. I need to harden off my plants soon and a cold frame would make it so much easier.