saw an ad for a service that will help me "content scale" my blog by autogenerating text with machine learning. I love that the main use case for modern AI has become laundering other people's work so you can make money by fooling people.

@dthompson I've begun referring to it as ML pollution, but that misses the "laundering" aspect you point out. I'll have to noodle on a better word for this junk.

@pixelherodev @dthompson That was just sitting there under my nose, and I couldn't see it. And it's so beautiful... It's still ML. 😆

@dthompson I am conflicted because it is expediently tempting to use AI art as sample textures in a video game prototype. i.e., this banana castle in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright and Candy Land. I should probably stick to public domain works as influences though.

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