does anyone know of any FOSS tools for working with files on playstation game discs? I want to revisit a long lost project I did back in high school where I extracted pre-rendered background images from a JRPG and reconstructed the scenes.

@dthompson can dump and reconstruct the disc file system. ImageMagick supports TIM images. jpsxdec is probably the best for FMVs and compressed images. any other image formats are likely going to be specific per game, just like any other platform. depending on the popularity of the game you might find results by searching on github. you can also ask for help in the reverse-engineering channel in


@impiaaa thanks! jpsxdec is actually nonfree but I'll check out that other one. good to know that imagemagick can work with TIM files.

@impiaaa mkpsxiso is gpl 2 so I'll definitely see if I can make use of it.

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