Chickadee 0.8.0, my game library for Guile Scheme, has been released!

and per usual I made a silly mistake and the new chickadee executable doesn't get installed when you run 'make install'. I'll upload a fixed release tomorrow.

@dthompson in your experience so far, how noticeable are GC pauses when doing game stuff in guile/chickadee?

@bitpuffin it can be noticable if the GC is constantly running, but the trick is always to allocate as little as possible so it rarely runs.

@dthompson How about when you turn on incremental mode?

@bitpuffin I've never seen that work well. No amount of tricks has ever worked better for me than simply reducing allocation as much as possible.

@dthompson gotcha, makes sense since it's boehm after all haha. However, and I could be wrong but, it feels like most schemey code will cause a lot of small allocations, or does guile have a set of cases where it can eliminate many allocs, or do you just pre-allocate a bunch of state data and mutate it?

@bitpuffin using mutable data in hot code is essential in any GC'd language, so that's what I do. There's still plenty of room for functional code at the highest abstraction levels, but if the low level rendering code is allocating a lot then you're doomed. Every now and then I go hunting for sources of allocation and try to eliminate them.

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