everyone at fsf: rms please don't step on that rake
rms: *immediately steps on that rake*
fsf leadership: there is no way to prevent this

@nyx okay, so it all started back in '78 at the MIT AI lab...

@nyx conclusion, the FSF board elected him back as a board member which was announced in a surprise manner at the very end of FSF's annual conference.

@dthompson They are saying they are committing to transparency Knauth will step down at some point. I don't think RMS is going anywhere. A union member will represent staff on the board. I wouldn't be surprised if Stallman becomes president again. It stinks, I don't trust the board.


@onepict @nyx if their "improvements" result in rms remaining on the board then that's the final nail in the coffin for me.

For the founder of a movement that's meant to be about user freedoms it seems more about RMSs freedom.

@dthompson "shout out to all my friends who worked at the FSF who themselves would get hit in the face with a rake every time RMS stepped on one as well"

@cwebber if I may be a pedant for one moment: "former web developer"

@dthompson anyway you absolutely may be a pedant for a moment when the topic is rms #vaguejoke

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