I started 16 parsley and 12 kale over the weekend. according to square foot gardening guidelines this will be enough for 4sqft of parsley and 6sqft of kale. I've never started kale indoors but if it works out it will give me an earlier harvest, but if not then I can just direct seed in about a month.

also I'm actually writing things down in a journal this year with lots of details: when, what plant, what variety, how many, what type of pot, when I saw the first sprout. I should probably also track other things like indoor/outdoor temperature.

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I wonder if taking detailed notes for a year will give me enough data/experience to prototype a fediverse application for garden journaling (if/when I stop being a burnt out programmer) because I think it would be a really useful and fun tool.

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the idea in my head is a decentralized platform for not only recording garden events for trend analysis (i.e. oops I keep starting tomatoes too late) but attaching pictures/video/etc. to those events and sharing with friends. kinda like a structured version of the florespondence hashtag but for all garden happenings.

@dthompson I really really think you should trade ideas about this with @emsenn

@gnomon @emsenn@myasstodon.xyz have they floated a similar idea? (disclaimer: I have no plans to actually do the work yet, just vague ideas)

@dthompson then extend it with a garden simulator program and GNU Glean to train casual would-be gardeners ....



observe (garden events)
record (garden events)
communicate (garden events)
behave (social etiquette with other gardeners)

pattern is the pre-literacy pattern from Mortimer Adler in How to Read a Book. I don't know if this pattern is formalized in code yet as its own abstraction or module though.

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