I'm going even further down the dehydrated food rabbithole. Please check on me periodically to make sure that at the bottom of the rabbithole isn't a cache of guns and beans, so many beans, beans to survive the apocolypse

I showed @mlemweb this video youtube.com/watch?v=nrqH-aOQyz

<me> Oh my god, just look at her garage, can you believe all that
<@mlemweb> Chris you have to stop watching these, this is how people get recruited to white nationalism

dehydrated bean recruitment strategies

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@cwebber @mlemweb it's so true. there's a fine line between homesteading and fundamentalist christian doomsday prepping.


@cwebber @mlemweb like everything is taken to extremes online.

you: I want to be more self-reliant, let's look up how to dehydrate food

youtuber: hey youtube, it's your boy prepper78! we're out here at the off-grid homestead and today we'll be dehydrating beans in between trips to the gun cache.

this kind of shit kept happening to me when I used pinterest, as well, which is why I stopped using it.

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