need a new laptop. I was really attached to my thinkpad x220 but I'd like something with a faster processor and a higher screen resolution. I use a thinkpad x1 at work but honestly I don't like it very much. what's a hacker supposed to do these days?

@keverets I just checked and it's not as expensive as I thought it was, but definitely a lot more than if I just bought another used thinkpad. the big question is: can I use a laptop that doesn't have the little nub mouse? the touch pad looks nice but it's still a touch pad.

@keverets @cwebber you like your librem 13 right? I know you have one semi-large complaint about it but it's only when using full disk encryption, right?

@dthompson @keverets So, I have a previous generation of the librem 13

- works amazingly as a laptop-on-the-go
- no-blobs
- works with guixsd out of the box

- only one external monitor at a time (fixed? dunno)
- full disk decryption seems slow from GRUB... but it's also slow from my thinkpad, so
- But sometimes it just wouldn't decrypt/boot!
- Worst problem is it froze up once a day, compounding other issue

But Ricardo doesn't have these problems, and I never sent it in :\

@cwebber @keverets do you happen to have one of those "librem key"s? I am interested in using that for TOTP and boot protection stuff.

@dthompson @keverets nope, came out after I got my model. If I ordered a new one (probably would if I didn't just burn a bunch of money on a house) I'd do that this time. I might still get one anyway.

I do think Purism are doing great work and I do want to support them.

@cwebber @keverets well, I think the Librem 13 + Librem Key is a frontrunner for the new laptop. I think I will really miss not having a trackpoint and docking station, though.

@dthompson They demoed the PureBoot process at LibrePlanet, using the key, and it looks great. I have a Nitrokey Pro---which is all their key is, plus the extra LED---and they said it'd work with that.

I asked them two years ago at LP if they'd consider adding Trackpoint, and it wasn't something they were going to do at the time. That's going to be a major disappointment for me as well. But there are keyboards that have it built in (of course that doesn't help on the go).

@cwebber did you ever get a chance to find/use a USB-C dock?

@mikegerwitz @cwebber how much did your nitrokey cost? the librem key doesn't have U2F support and that is leaning me towards nitrokey but since they aren't a US company I'm concerned it will cost a lot more.

@dthompson I bought it more than a couple years ago, so I don't recall what I paid back then, but I thought it was >=60USD. The current Nitrokey Pro 2 price is ~54USD.

Absolutely worth it, though. I use it every day for SSH, signing email, commit signing, decrypting personal files, and some other things.

The U2F one is ~25USD, but it's not a smart card.
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