I've mentioned this plant before, but haven't posted a picture. check out this hardy banana known as musa basjoo! it doesn't produce edible bananas, but it's giant and beautiful and can survive here in MA.

@dthompson I wish you plant those fruit bearing variant to feed other living things.

@noorul there are no bananas that I know of that can produce fruit in my climate. food for animals is best left to native plants. for example, I'm growing winterberry to provide food for birds in the winter.


Keep on planting. Fruit bearable is essential than ornamental.

I left all indoor plant and aquarium to native plants...

@dthompson they said on that video that the leaves could be used, I think for making tamales. So they are edible, even if no bananas

You don't eat the leaves but they do as flavor to things like tamales that are wrapped in them. :3

@dthompson I've seen what look like those around here, they tend to die back to an ugly stub in winter, but do come back..

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