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this heat wave sucks but I'm determined to learn how to use AC minimally and try other methods of staying cool first. feet in a bucket of cold water helps *a lot* when you're sitting around. sleeping is hard, though. if I can't get the bedroom temp at or below 84F I have to turn on the AC.

I have no idea what the climate in your part of the world is like. But, do ceiling fans not help?
flock of birbs @dthompson

@arunisaac ceiling fans and box fans help, though my bedroom does not have a ceiling fan.

Wow! Pretty much every bedroom I've seen has a ceiling fan, and only a few have an AC. I think ceiling fans help even if you have an AC. Maybe, you should get one. Here is a nice article on fans. http://www.lowtechmagazine.com/2014/09/circulating-fans-air-conditioning.html

@arunisaac most of the rooms in my house have fans, but the master bedroom is one that doesn't. thanks for the link.