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flock of birbs @dthompson

bleh someone is trying to convince me to deploy apps in production using jemalloc instead of glibc malloc. I really do not trust nonstandard malloc implementations.

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@dthompson I'm using jemalloc right now. It's much better for Ruby

@Gargron it's such a fundamental thing that to swap it out for someone's random thing on github seems crazy!

@dthompson Redis uses jemalloc. It's not a random thing.

@Gargron I have many disagreements with the redis maintainer. if it is so good why isn't it standard?

@dthompson I don't know. But I am surprised to hear that. Redis is like the pinnacle of great software in my opinion. Antirez is amazing.

@Gargron I like redis enough, but antirez is a jerk.

@Gargron I trust glibc, I don't trust some random github project.

@calvin @Gargron it's not standard on gnu/linux. if glibc adopts it I will change my viewpoint.

@dthompson @calvin Well, you do you. You started by saying you didn't trust jemalloc because it's some random project. I told you it's used by popular software like FreeBSD and Redis and many Rails developers (developer of Sidekiq recommends using it). You decide

@Gargron @dthompson Also jemalloc is the default in FreeBSD and maybe Firefox?

I have no strong opinions or real world experience about this though...