can anyone help me substantiate the claim that #Freebase acquisition in 2010 was part of #Google #SearchEngine dominance over #Yahoo ? or am I way off? #KnowledgeGraph #LinkedData !/


@jonny Google owned search by the very early 2000s. I remember a couple of contenders which launched in the 2003--2005 timeframe, one of which was Cuil (pronounced "cool"). Those sank without a trace exceedingly quickly.

By 2010, it was all over.

So anything occurring in 2010 was not material to Google's dominance.

I definitely had my timing off, I was even around then but had just misread some visit counts as search counts and the brainworms multiplied. as I reconstruct it the knowledge graph stuff was more when Google started trying to like scoop up all other pages pre AMP starting with those info boxes going into general tool responses to queries like calculators/conversions/etc.

which feels like a separate phase of enclosure to me re: taking search interfaces to their logical exclusion to the point where young ppl don't know about the metaphor of location on a computer of the notion of a filesystem, etc.

@jonny The whole ambiguation of storage localisation thing is ... troubling, yes.

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