What's the longest you've used a single smart phone? (Boost for a broader data pool.)


@lrhodes Inspiring my own counter-poll:

What's the longest you've gone without a smartphone after having had one.

Responses include prior option as lower bound, so "- < 1 year" -> "1 month to 1 year"

I'm not sayin' y'alls is a bunch o' addicts ... 

... but y'alls is a bunch o'addicts.

@dredmorbius @lrhodes My Treo 300 (I think my 3rd? mobile phone? 4th Palm device) got broken, and I was out in nowheresville, and it took me 4 hours to get back to civilization and find a carrier store to replace it, without MapQuest! That was the longest stretch.
#cellphone #palm #mapquest

@dredmorbius @lrhodes < 1 week, but only because I just got a smartphone last month because I had a bunch of RL to justify it. Didn't really have one before then.

@dredmorbius @lrhodes Mine was <1wk not because I needed a smartphone that bad, but as my only phone, I wasn't going to buy a flip to carry over, the phone needed to be replaced with another phone.

I'm just going to say this:

Put the phone down and back away slowly.


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