I swear there was someone asking about searching for dependencie relationships on using . I can't find the toot.

dpkg-awk is a powerful general-query tool for Debian packages under APT. I'm pretty sure it can be applied to this problem.

apt-rdepends will show what packages depend on a given package:

A given package's own description will tell you what packages it depends on. That's just plain apt show <packagename>

Hashtag your questions. They're much easier to find that way.

@dredmorbius not sure it was me but this is definitely something I have asked before.

It would be very nice to create a complete dependency graph such that you could find packages that are marked as manually installed and also not dependencies of other packages. These represent packages you can remove without breaking anything.

@kline @dredmorbius it's not a graph, but in the Debian world there is a tool called debfoster that goes through all your packages and ask if you want them, pruning anything that's not on the resulting list.

Maybe aptitude can be of help?
You can query for automatically installed packages (and manually by prepending it with '!') and also for dependency types.

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