For years, I was in the top 50 users by karma on Hacker News.

That ended in 2020, when I complained about how silent the site was being on the murder of George Floyd. The result was a pile of angry messages telling me that it was "just a tech site" and its operators should "keep politics out of it."

When a community tells you who they are, believe them.


@jalefkowit FWIW, the mods on HN don't feel that way.

Former YC CEO Sam Altman is getting roasted by some, supported by others, for proposing a $25 minimum wage.

And for what it's worth, I'm hovering around the 50 mark on the leaderboard, Some recent falling off, mostly as I've been less active there.

The site isn't owned by one side or the other, it's in play. I see plenty that annoys me, some that is heartening.

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