Music industry is suing youtube-dl hosters

The music industry is shifting up a gear and is now taking action against a German hosting provider. Three big labels are suing the provider Uberspace for hosting the website of the open source project youtube-dl. With the software, which is available on the code sharing platform Github, YouTube videos and music files can be downloaded without a web browser. According to the plaintiffs, this violates copyright law. ...

The article is unclear on this, but the lawsuit appears to by Sony Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music, filed at the district court of Hamburg.

Time for Google to step up and declare whether it is for good, or has sided with the evil of copyright absolutists.

HN discussion:

Very interesting! Besides which side Google is on in this lawsuit (good or evil), the other descriptions of the sides are dead or alive...

(or on life support, soon to die, or alive)

@dredmorbius And if you're a YouTuber who welcomes viewers downloading your videos, I suggest you move to PeerTube or your own static site!

Since there's questions whether YouTube is DRM...

@dredmorbius i wonder why they are NOT suing Github (and Microsoft by extension)

if uberspace caves, youtube-dl can still accept contributions and continue developing without much hassle

if github caves like they did before, suddenly there is no known place to contribute. that would hurt the project more

@dredmorbius my obvious first answer is "cowardice", but i'm sure there are some other business decisions behind that somehow


Yikes! That would kill one of my research projects.

@dredmorbius On github, so is the music industry going to sue microsoft? 'course not! They can fight back.

@dredmorbius What a frivolous lawsuit. By their same logic, Firefox, Chromium, qTorrent or your computer could also be considered to infringe on copyright for "having the capability to download copyrighted material." Youtube's terms of service are broken, but that doesn't give third parties the ability to sue on Youtube's behalf here.

@cyastis If you don't think they're not planning to go there, this is the same industry that sued against audiotapes and hard drives and has those taxed on the basis that they might be used to record copyrighted music that they control.

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