Federated Networks Association ry will be dissolved

This is an organisation and number of services based around federated and decentralised systems. The disbanding of FENEAS affects several instances of distributed services, but not the services as a whole themselves.

It does however mean that my own home on the Diaspora network, will be going offline.

@dredmorbius oh, I guess it means the same for me then.

I guess the writing was already on the wall a couple of months ago, with repeated downtimes and/or high load times...

@dredmorbius I also just now noticed that any photos I uploaded older than 3 years ago, seem to be gone. No idea for how long that's been the case. Seems that the ones that are gone were hosted on Amazon AWS, rather than joindiaspora, including my profile picture.

Oh well, I don't think I ever uploaded anything significant there. Did do a data export anyway. :)

@dredmorbius (looks like the missing photos are actually still in my exported data though).

@dredmorbius that's pretty sad. I do hope stays up...

@dredmorbius I wonder how that affects Diaspora* as a network. Are there any other large instances apart from Or is it like with and StatusNet?

@rysiek @dredmorbius used to be one of the largest ones back when I was still using that network.

@schmittlauch @dredmorbius yeah, does not show the user stats though.

For these do not look great:

Active users half year: 1156

Active users monthly: 535


@rysiek A few of the European nodes (several of which are ... major troll and disinfo nodes now) seem pretty active. It's hard to get a lot of insight into Diaspora generally, mind. Mostly I find I have to go directly to a pod and look up its stats. has only had a few hundred active users of late, and I suspect I'm a large share of that.

@rysiek @dredmorbius this reminded me to do my yearly login on

@dredmorbius RIP FENEAS.

And RIP one of our earliest forays into the early Fediverse

@dredmorbius This is so sad indeed. It is unfortunate that I sent my email to join the association too late!

I hope associations like this could still flourish in the future, and above all that #FENEAS dissolving does not mean that #federation and the #Fediverse are deteriorating, too.

@tommi @dredmorbius The fediverse itself is doing okay. As long as there are people running servers in it, the fediverse continues.

It's just that, trying to run a structured non-profit that offers a wide-ranging amount of services is very difficult from an organizational perspective, and Feneas never got the donations or resources that it truly deserved as an initiative. The people running it did so at a loss for years, and there really wasn't much of a budget to keep the infrastructure going.

There will likely be other organizations to carry the torch afterwards, but it is indeed sad to see this one wind down after being present for so long.

@sean Do you have a profile on Diaspora* these days?

I did turn up your old (and very long-inactive) profile earlier today.


@dredmorbius @tommi It's still the same account I've always had. Every now and then, I'll log in, only to get frustrated at the 400+ birthday notifications I get.

@sean You can dismiss entire classes (or all) notifications.

There's also the Mentions stream, if you're interested in that.

Declare bankruptcy, move on, follow hashtags / profiles of interest.

If you're overwhelmed with useless notifs, you're following the wrong (or too many) profiles.


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