Just saw a bullshit headline claiming Disney lost $600M on the Black Widow film due to piracy. The BS napkin math on this is that it was downloaded 20 million times. Then the article declared that each download is somehow a lost Disney+ subscription with $30.

This is obviously ridiculous logic. There's no evidence that a pirated show would have been purchased if not downloaded, let alone that a platform subscription would have happened. Nor do we even know that 20 million downloads represents 20 million individuals.

This isn't a matter of technical ignorance. These facts aren't hard to understand. They're intentionally misrepresented to benefit rich companies that want penalty payments in lawsuits. What utter hogwash.


@tomasino That same bullshit line's been played for at least the past quarter century.

See this from 1998 debunking software-industry claims of "piracy losses":


Via Hacker News:

@tomasino And from the WSJ story that is on:

Fighting China's Pirates
Software Makers Try Lower Prices to Lure Users Away From Illegal Copies

After years of relying on legal and political muscle to fight rampant piracy in China, big software companies have started wielding a new weapon: lower prices. And the early results are encouraging.


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