15 minutes to launch

(See parent for livestreams and links.)

Good liftoff.

About 5 minutes into flight.

Good booster sep.
Good fairing sep.
Onboard video of JWST itself.
First stage still burning.

So, now it's 30 days of deployment ops. Another 300 SPOFs.

Excellent flight so far.

Oooh! Solar array deployed on camera. 2nd stage has cameras looking at JWST. Last time we'll have close-up views for a while.

2nd stage will not reenter Earth, but will be directed to its own liberation-point orbit, well separated from the JWST itself.


Where is Webb?

Shows location, trajectory, deployment(s), temperature sensors, and more.


has deployed the fore and aft sunshield pallets.

The :


That's the first of several steps in fully deploying the sunshields, but a big step.

shows current position and status:


I still don't understand why Nasa aren't officially calling it the WebbBlog, FWIW.

Tower assembly has been deployed, and temperature data are available.

See the :


The hot-sde temps are lower than I'd expected, about -6 and 9 C (20 and 49F). Cold side is closer to my expectations --- the primary mirror is at -57, and the radiator at -153 C (-71 & -244 F).

Still have most of the sunshield deployment ahead.

has covered over half the distance to L2.

It's still got about 22 days travel time, as it's slowing down as it gets further out, effectively "rolling uphill".

Sunshield tensioning coming up next AFAIU.

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