UI Pet Peeve: Don't use flags of countries for language selection.

It doesn't work for English (Union Jack? Star-Spangled Banner?), forces Austrians to click on the flag of a neighbor country, and lets large parts of Africa only choose the flag of a former colonizer.

@johl good points. Never thought about the colonizer's language aspect, thank you for pointing this out!

That said, it would be remiss of me not to take this opportunity to reference a classic:

Choose language:
🔲 🇬🇧 English (traditional)
🔲 🇺🇸 English (simplified)

(I apologize)


@rysiek So, odd fact here: often it is the immigrant populations of a culture who more accurately reflect the language as it was originally spoken and written. In the case of English, usage underwent a major shift in Britain during the 19th century, whilst there are portions of the United States (mostly among the upper easterly mid-west, particularly in Michigan) who have retained language closer to that of the late 18th century.

Similar situation in Quebec, though that reflects a rural French again of the 18th/19th centuries. Parisians openly mock it. (Source: known multiple Parisians who've done so, without prompting.)

That's not always the case, and other influences can come to bear (esp. in the southeastern US, w/ African influence, and southwestern, with Latinx / native populations influence).

Note that it's East Taiwan which has more widely adopted simplified Chinese scripts, whilst it's RoC who've rertained traditional scripts.

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