@dredmorbius it might be an option though, to add on the back of something else for simple outlines. Not sure.

@ton @dredmorbius I'm not sure, but I am curious about why saving directly to OPML is wanted? Wouldn't a Markdown editor work? Or is that too expressive?

@edsu @dredmorbius because opml is the exchange format for outlines, and can carry data attributes with them, unlike markdown (which is fine too, but for different use). I find that outliners I try out either store in their own dbase, almost never to local filesystem, and if likely in some json structure they made up.


@ton I'm a bit confused / unclear on what your workflow / sources / tools / process / product(s) / goal(s) are here.

Yes, Pandoc is a conversion tool, which converts to and from numerous document-ish formats. It is often used with Markdown as an input format, but by no means exclusively, and supports numerous other light-weight and heavy-weight markup languages, as well as numerous application-specific formats, for both input and output.

(Input and output formats vary somewhat, be aware.)

Pandoc is immensely flexible and powerful, and I strongly recommend reading at least an overview. The project documentation is excellent.

Pandoc is not what you use to author or create a document, but once you've created one through the editor (or process) of your choice, you can then flexibly convert between formats with Pandoc.

If you're looking to outline directly from an existing source (e.g., notetaking from a book or article), could you specify that a bit more clearly?

Otherwise, I'm assuming you're using an editor to create an outline and can annotate that with the specific attributes you'd like to output. Again, depending on the input markup used, you should have quite extensive flexibility, and Pandoc itself can be further extended through templates, preprocessors, and postprocessors.

I'm familiar with Linux / Unix and its toolchains, mostly command-line / terminal-based tools, and prefer those. If you prefer other tools, please specify. If you want specific suggestions on the Linuxy / Unixy side, I can make suggestions or discuss options.


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