Solar Power: Abundant or not?

So, yes, "as much raw incident sunlight falls on the Earth in 1 hour as all of humanity uses in 1 year."

Sounds like a lot. About a 7,000-times surplus.

But when you start doing the maths, it turns out that 1) the amount of usable sunlight is far, far lower (about 100 -- 200x present human energy usage) and 2) baked-in assumptions of human energy consumption growth based just on population growth and a modest levelling-up for the global poor chews up about 1/5 of that surplus.

More depressing truth/reality here:

And no, the message isn't that renewables aren't realistic. It's that our expectations aren't.

@dredmorbius I hear these stats a lot from my involvement in the Nelson Tasman Climate Forum's energy group.

On the otherhand: Lots of available sunlight locally to improve Nelson's resiliance!

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