"This is a discussion that's going poorly, I know what will fix it, let's expand it to an immensely larger group of people!!!"

How often has this seemed emminently reasonable to you?

Boosts appreciated.

Discussion / Spoilers 

Discussion's also invited, though I prefer use of CWs until the poll's completed (3 days from now).

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Discussion / Spoilers 

@dredmorbius hm, very contextual. if there is a decision to be made after a discussion and it is in the form of a conclusion/consent then it can make a lot of sense to include more affected people.

if it is about finding a narrative, figuring out a shared understanding, few people are better.


re: Discussion / Spoilers 

@woodbark That seems to me to be a subtly different goal: finding concensus.

In which case it's not so much about having a conversation as coming to an agreement. It's not unrelated, though it's also not quite what I had in mind.

A very good observation though.

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