some minor experience of the Oculus UI just has me reflecting on how no other game console UI has been as good as the Xbox 360’s

like for example you can’t view any details of achievements or leaderboards without *quitting the game* on Oculus, even from an achievement notification, who thought that was reasonable?

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the Oculus companion app for phones also lets you see your friends’ achievements in detail (with the exception that it won’t show you the details of any “secret” achievements, even if you yourself have them), but absolutely not your own lmao

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Oculus’ in particular is an incredible example of a company being so transparently focused on its own horrible data collection priorities that it can’t even get the fundamentals down, it’s much more invested in showing you “trends” and “friend activity” than your own

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@ticky Pocket is very much of a similar vein.

I'm using it to organise content I've found of interest to me.

I'm NOT using it to have Additional Random Crap of No Fucking Interest Whatsover spammed at me.

But what it does is 1) prevent me from revisiting or searching the content I've already identified as being of interest whilst 2) spamming me with Additional Random Crap of No Fucking Interest Whatsover.

App devs / Product Managers ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS.

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