"print()" is the #Python (and some other programming languages) version of the "💾 3.5in-floppy-disk-as-document-save-icon" of most software.

It's an artifact of older times, when output was, well, printed out.

Almost nobody *actually* prints program output directly out on a physical printer. But it's so deeply ingrained in coding culture, it's taken for granted and rarely questioned.

At some point the connection between "print()" and 🖨️ will become almost indecipherable to young techies.


@rysiek I'm looking forward to the Linux kernal printfpdf(3) system call.

@dredmorbius The unfamous Payload Data Format injected directly into an OS Kernel. But what could possibly go wrong. LOL

When you see all the goodies within Qubes-OS to prevent PDF files as malware injection method, I syncerely don't think it is the right path to follow...


@stman Actually, the printfpdf would be an output direct from the kernel.

Though if you'd like someone to write a kernel-space PDF parser, I'm sure someone would be happy to oblige ...


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