"Sterilizing immunity is not induced by any of the vaccines so the fact that infection still occurs is not surprising but the immunity that is generated, which includes the non-neutralizing antibodies and T-cells that are less tested for, ensures that disease is minimised."

- #ProfIanJones, Professor of Virology, University of Reading


So if I can still get COVID after being vaccinated, but I just won't get as sick, it follows that I can still spread it after being vaccinated. So getting vaccinated has no significant benefit for the community at large, as is sometimes claimed. That being the case, my only criteria for deciding whether to have the vaccine is the risk of getting badly ill from COVID vs getting ill from adverse vaccine reactions.

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@strypey False, false, and false.

  • Your risk of contracting Covid whilst vaccinated is much lower than if unvaccinated.

  • Your viral load is also likely lower. It is certainly not worse.

  • Vaccinated individuals are being advised to practice NPI (nonpharmaceutical interventions) to minimise spread risk: masks, social distancing, handwashing.

  • If you do contract Covid without vaccination, odds of requiring intensive treatment are far higher. This occupies resources which will be unavailable to other patients, whether with Covid or unrelated conditions.


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