"We banned nearly 37M accounts between January and March of this year"

If you've ever wondered what it's like to fight spam at scale, here's what Reddit deals with.

When I occasionally say that I've very strong concerns about the Fediverse dealing successfully with abuse at this scale, this is the sort of thing I'm talking about.


@dredmorbius Well, that's why there should be many dedicated instances, just like there are many websites: Of course there are scammy ones, but the WWW seems to filter itself fairly well.


@janek "Should be" is an ought vs. is wishful thinking argument.

Technology scales by providing efficiencies. Larger instances and centralisation will occur.

That's amplified by human nature which can keep track of only a small number of options.

The Web was promoted as a decentralising technology. It's proved otherwise.

There is no empirical basis to support what you're arguing.

@janek Further:

  • What's the maximum feasible size for a community-centric instance?
  • How large would you like to see Mastodon / the Fediverse become?
  • What's the maximum feasible size for a network of instances? That is, how many peering relationships and quality assessments can an individual instance owner manage?
  • Is it possible/preferable to create a completely flat network (mesh), or must some hierachical depth be required? How many levels of hierarchy or gateways?

I'm going to posit that if you're looking for a humanity-scale network, you need to be able to handle at least 1010 individual nodes. (Probably a few multiples of this given multiple roles, associations, and collective organisations, whether commecial, social, or other orientation.)

And that present Fediverse / Mastodon architecture doesn't accomodate this well.

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