Hi and hello to all the old followers who might now notice that the account has moved.

I have been preparing for this for about a week, tooting about it giving people time to manually follow me here (or un-follow me at m.s if that's how the cookie crumbles). About 500 people did follow me manually, thank you!

I have now *moved* the account, and that means *all* followers are now moved to this new account. Welcome!

Interestingly, about 25% of my m.s. followers did not show up following me here on m.t.

These are almost certainly accounts that were blocked or are at instances m.t does not federate with.

25% might seem like a lot, but consider:
- we're talking about moving a 4-year-old account across instances;
- when moving between walled-gardens one loses 100% of one's followers.

A smooth and easy account migration flow is super-important to a healthy fediverse. This makes me a happy rysiek! :ablobcatrainbow:

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@rysiek I haven't done a formal count, but 25% sounds within reason for my own experience.

Simple account attrition may account for much of that. Mastodon is dynamic, many people try it out for a bit, quite a few leave after a while.

I just did a check on my principle Aspect (sort of like a list) on Diaspora. It's a few years old, and I expected a fair share of no-shows. Of 42 profiles, only 3 had no traffic in 2+ years, another 4--5 hadn't posted in about 6 months, though seem to appear periodically. The rest were all active.

Just for a few more datapoints.

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