I try to use everything I own for as long as possible, and my current one is working as well as it ever has, but I think the next time I need to replace my phone I won't.



@cstanhope I haven't.

It's been years, and it's been wonderful.

@cstanhope So, caveats.

I've had / used tablets.

I don't have social media apps on them, and the most recent is an e-book reader / Android tablet. It ... has some of the same disadvantages, though it's slightly less convenient-to-hand, and is much better for reading.

If I could ditch Chrome entirely I would. Given the current state of e-book readers, that's still a bit difficult. Maybe in another 5 years....

I can live without needing to be in constant contact. I'm aware many people either cannot or feel they cannot choose that option. (I think more can than think so.)

Knowing how to read maps and navigate yourself helps a lot. The degree to which people are dependent on turn-by-turn directions is ... sad, actually.

There's probably a longer rant / manifesto in this, though my sense is that the smartphone and tablet are hugely oversold and cause net harm.

@dredmorbius Yeah, I'm not going to claim not having a phone is an option for everybody, especially since phones are often a person's only internet connected computer. But my sense about smartphones is the same as yours.

You're right about maps and navigation. Turn-by-turn directions is not something I've ever relied on. 😆

I'm not that dependent on a phone, but I am wondering if even I might get caught in a situation where I am expected to access some mobile app with no other option. :/

@cstanhope You might enjoy / appreciate my "The Case Against Tablets" piece (linked, with most of the meat in comments), also a Mastodon poll on how people use tablets:


The way I see it:

  • There are few uses for which a tablet is best.
  • For virtually everything it does, something else is better. Generally a laptop, even a very basic one.
  • Reading is a key exception, but an e-ink ebook reader is better.

And there's a space for basic telephony. A very basic phone (something like the Light Phone) perhaps. That I can turn off / disable (preferably remove battery). And screen the motherlovin' frell out of calls.

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