Za Odrą ma powstać 4 tys. km dróg, po których będą jeździć ciężarówki zasilane z pantografów.


@tomek English: Across the Oder River, 4,000 km of roads are to be built on which pantograph-powered trucks will drive.

When people talk of electrified trucks, this is what I see. Trolley-trucks, equivalent to trolley-busses.

There might be a battery storage capacity as well. If so, it would be a small amount of capacity, good for low-speed maneuvering at 10--20kph, perhaps for a few km, plus some regenerative capacity.

Trucking is a high-energy activity, and battery storage sufficient for 1000km range at 100kph (e.g., current highway trucking) would require much of the present hauling capacity of trucks.

I'd also expect to see hybrid truck-train systems, where individual tractor-trailer units would be convoyed, whether on rails, dedicated highways, or possibly dedicated lanes on existing roads. This would afford efficiencies and infrastructure savings. Different cost and constraint regimes result in different solutions and systems.

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